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Now 4 times faster!

The further development of our bestseller CM1000 now allows another operating mode.

In the new, further operating mode "SILVER" (SILVER MINUS), the electrodes are not switched over. This leads to a faster production.

The software continuously calculates the optimum current - voltage ratio at the electrodes, so that the quality of the silver water remains perfect even up to the high concentration range.

Our popular FAMILY DEVICE including silver, copper, magnesium and zinc electrodes

In a practical storage box

In our book COLLOIDAL METALS MANUAL the CM1000 is described in detail.

Please note our ALL - IN OFFER!

High-quality, fully automatic professional generator for the production of colloidal waters.

For the preparation of Colloidal Silver, Colloidal Gold, Colloidal Copper, Colloidal Zinc and Colloidal Magnesium!

With the CM1000, producing all dispersions, from colloidal silver to colloidal zinc, is easier than cooking coffee.

Just choose your electrodes: silver + silver - gold - copper - zinc - magnesium.

Then enter the desired concentration from 1ppm to 999ppm.

Press the start button.

When the entered concentration has been reached, the CM1000 switches off automatically.

With legal. closed automatic shutdown CMT

TRUE-PPM = After production, the device was calibrated according to the "official 10 ppm test standard" and guarantees the calibrated colloid release in mg / l from the electrodes into the water.

An independent lab analysis for the CM1000 can be found at => Technical Information & Dowloads => Analysis Report

Updatable for further electrode metals!

May 2017 update available

The CM1000 comes with a removable protective film on the display.

Warranty: 3 Years

Weight: 100 (150) grams

Recommendation to the water:

Use distilled water (conductivity 1-10μS) to make colloidal silver.

Water with low conductivity (<1μS) leads u.a. to long production times.

Medically pure water (for infusion purposes, i.d.R. from the pharmacy), e.g. "Ampuwa" is not recommended.

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